Gentex UPV Pipes are manufactured using high quality grade raw material and state of the art machines. Being the leading pipe manufacture with vast knowledge and experience in UPVC Plumbing systems, we aim to deliver superior products to our customers. The UPVC pipes are produced as per international standards and are also UNBS certified.

The System

Gentex plastic piping systems is a technically superior, cost effective solution for water supply , portable water distribution and drainage applications. These system is very easy to install and functionally suitable. In addition, it is far cheaper than conventional piping products, and offer a longer service life. Different pipes and wider range of fittings are manufactured in metric and inch series as per various standards

Pressure Pipe and Fittings
Joining HDPE compression fitting with a PE pipe



High standards and wide range High impact strength
Quick and efficient installation UV-Stabilized, suitable for all weather condition
Quick removal of waste without leakages Long lasting and cost effective
Adequate and easy access for cleaning and clearing obstructions Good economic life
Soil, waste and Rin Water (S.W.R) Drainage System



Stronger, Resilient and Longer Lasting Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
Most suitable for carrying drinking water No sediment deposition, no reduction in bore size
Mirror smooth inside surface Simple and leak proof joints
UV Stabilized Light weight, easy and fast installation
Unique self-extinguishing quality Overall economy
Integral Rubber Ring Socket (Flexible Joint)

Gentex Rubber Seal pipes have several salient features:

  • Reliable, Leak proof joints
  • Easy and convenient installation. No need of solvent cement
  • Corrosion, chemical & biological resistant, ensures pure water flow
  • Can be tested immediately after installation save pipeline commissioning
  • Flexible. Can accommodate slight soil movement and also tolerate small gradients.
  • Can compensate linear expansion and contraction.

Seal Fit Specifications

Colour Light Grey
Pipe Ends One end socketed rubber ring and the other end is chamfered
Standard Length 6 or 5.8 meter inclusive of socket length
Applicable Standard DIN 8062 or ISO 4422/2 or US 264
Working Pressure 23°C Available in PN4 to PN20
Gentex UPVC Water Pipe Specifications

Gentex offers UPVC pressure pipes in metric series as per the German standard DIN 8062 and ISO standard 4422/2. An exhaustive range of UPVC Pressure pipes are also offered as per ASTM, D1785 SCH 40 respectively.