Gentex manufactures and supplies a wide range of PP-R fittings. The fittings range from sizes: 20 millimetre to 110 millimetre.

Gentex PPR pipes and fittings enables distribution implementations in residential houses, administrative and public buildings, in industry and agriculture. It is intended for delivery of cold and hot water and also for central heating, provided that the prescribed rules are met. It is necessary to select suitable kind of pipes with corresponding parameters of limit operating temperature and pressure.

All Gentex pipes can be connected by a complete range of PPR pipe fittings by a Polyfusion welding (up to the diameter of 125 mm) or by butt welding (diameters beyond 160 mm).

Assembly Instructions for PP-R water systems

  1. Cut PPR pipes to the required length by cutter.
  2. Clean the cut end if necessary, ensure both ends of the pipe are clean and dry.
  3. Mark the required the welding depth on the pipe.
  4. Ensure the PP-R heat machine is at the right temperature (260 °C) before welding. Heat the pipe and fitting using the heat machine as per the recommended heating times as shown below. The heating times starts, when pipe and fitting have been pushed to the correct welding depth on the matrices.
  5. After specified heating & holding time, remove the pipe and fitting out of the matrices. Heated end of pipe should be pushed in to the flared end of hot fitting down to the previously marked depth. Do not turn or twist the pipe or fitting during any moment of the process.
  6. Once the specified cooling time is met, apply pressure to the joint to ensure the joint gets a first stiffness.

Polyfusion welding times