Gentex manufacturers non- plasticized, rigid, fire resisting UPVC wire ways and fittings. They possess the following characteristics:

  1. High Pressure Intensity: they are capable of bearing high pressure, UPVC wire-way series can be laid exposed or concealed in concrete. This is due to the fact that they will not crack under pressure
  2. Corrosion Resistance and Moth Proof: UPVC series of wire-way products possess acid and alkali resisting properties, unlike the traditional steel subsidiary conduits. Because the pipes/fittings contain no plasticizer, they are moth proof.
  3. Fire Resistant Properties: UPVC series of wire-way products posses self-extinguishing properties when exposed to fire, thus highly resistant to fire.
  4. Sound Insulation Properties: UPVC series of wire-way products can bear high electric voltage without being disrupted, they effectively help prevent electric leakages.