Gentex double wall corrugated (DWC) pipes are the new type of self-sleeved pipe. The outer layer of the pipe is corrugated, this feature enables the pipe to absorb any external pressure whilst being lightweight. Such characteristics make it is an ideal product for long life sewer systems. The pipe has an easy bonding method due to the self-muffled sleeves. Compared with pipes with other structures, the cost of the pipe is greatly decreased due to its excellent pipe wall structure design. Furthermore, the pipe has been widely used at home and abroad because its connection is easy and reliable. It is abundantly used for replacing concrete pipe and cast iron pipe.


Standard Corrugated Structured Wall Pipes are made according to prENV 13476 Standard. Manufactured from ID225 to ID800 diameter in SN4 and SN8 classes. It is made of the finest quality if PE material.

HDPE Corrugated Characteristics
  • Excellent external pressure resistant capacity – the rigid external feature enables the pipe to with stand any sort of external pressure.
  • Low Construction Cost, Easy to Operate – The DWC pipe has been noted to minimize the cost of any project.  It has been noted down that the use of the double wall corrugated pipe reduces the cost of the project, labor and installation are economical. Operating costs are low. There is no scaling inside the pipe, no need to dredge, reducing maintenance costs. Under normal circumstances, the construction does not need to be a concrete foundation, and the comprehensive construction cost is low and the service life is long.
  • Small Coefficient of friction resistance- the smooth inner layer of the pipe enhances the flow rate of any liquid. The smooth surface also allows the fluid to be transmitted in a smaller diameter pipe. Furthermore the smooth layer makes the pipe resistible to abrasion and does not create any sediment or debris within the pipe.
  • Long Life Service – the crack and impact resistance of the pipe is excellent and Because of the pipe strength the pipe is easy to carry and easy to transport to a further destination.
  • Good Chemical Stability – The pipe is made out of high quality grade PE material this means it is highly resistant to rust or any other chemical corrosion.
Applications of Gentex DWC HDPE Pipe
  • Corrugated pipes have a vast number of uses due to their versatility. Some of them include:

    • Sewer lines and residential connections
    • Rainwater
    • Drainage systems
    • Treatment Plants
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Infrastructure application
    • Ventilation Systems
    • Floating Systems – the properties of the pipe along with its light weight characteristic allows it to be used as a holding vessel for floats. A common use of the floats is as pontoons for floating boat docks.
Gentex DWC Pipe Vs Concrete Pipes
    • The pipe is light in weight (20 lighter than a conctret pipe) and the mechanical equipment use is greatly reduced. Therefore, it is very easy to handle than a concrete pipe on the field.
    • The flow capacity of HDPE pipe is more than 1.3 times that of concrete pipe.  Furthermore, the pipe diameter requirement of the dwc pipe is less compared to concrete pipe.
    • The DWC pipe is very easy to install, as it can adapt to the uneven ground whereas a concrete pipe would require a foundation base, which is costly.
    • DWC pipes have a quick and simple joining method compared to a cement pipe thus saving construction time and cost.
    • The DWC pipe can be easily monaouvered due to its felxibilty, which enables he pipe to be easy to bend and handle whilst a cement pipe cannot be bent due to it’s rigidness.
    • Transportation of a DWC pipe is much easier and cost eefective as the pipe can be stacked onn top of each other whereas, a cocnreent pipe cannot be nested due to it’s density.