Plumbing is one of the most important activities in the construction of any building. Conventional plumbing systems like galvanized iron, are associated with many problems such as corrosion, bulkiness, high installation costs, chemical reactivity and short life spans.

With such concerns in mind, Gentex has introduced a more advanced and superior piping system, known as the PP-R piping systems. This is an ideal solution for domestic purposes. It is highly resistant to chemical corrosion, and has a low thermal conductivity. Another important aspect of this PP-R system is that it does not have any negative biological effects and henceforth more hygienic.

FEAUTRES AND BENEFITS OF PP-R PIPES in contrast to Galvanized Pipes.

Light Weight and Easy to Assemble The low weight of the system makes it ideal not only for traditional installation, but also for modular installation and pre- fabricated walls.
Resistant to Corrosion PP-R is corrosion free unlike Galvanized Iron. 
Provide Safe and Watertight Joints The joints are prepared in a fusion welding process. Welding by Polyfusion produces homogenous long lasting watertight joints. By utilising this special joining technique, it’s possible to save time and reduce on labour costs.
Resistant to scaling Due to the smooth internal surface and non- polar nature of the material, limestone and other deposits cannot form henceforth there is no scaling or blockage in the pipes.

Application Fields

As a typical construction material, PPR pipe is mainly used in the followings fields:
1. Residential buildings and hotels for use of portable water supply.
2. Residential houses used as hot water pipes;
3. Industry used pipe networks i.e. transport of aggressive fluids.

Quality and Laboratory Testing

Gentex is at the fore front of continuously improving quality and seeking to reduce environmental impact. Use of the latest testing equipment consistently provides superior quality in our piping products. We conduct important tests such as hot water pressure tests, reversion, impact, pigment dispersion and physical  dimension tests.