Farmers using traditional irrigation methods to irrigate their field crops continuously face a wide range of obstacles, preventing efficient farming and greatly increasing operating costs. At Gentex we manufacture round drip line pipes with spacings of 200mm, 300mm, 400mm and 500mm.

In order to achieve better quality yields, farmers rely on every single drip to deliver the perfect quantity of water and nutrients to all their crops on the field. The Gentex drip line pipe ensures perfect distribution of water to the plants. No clogging. No problems.

Disadvantages of flood or furrow irrigation

Depletion of wells, aquifers and rivers

• Contamination of water sources

• Leaching of nutrients and environmental  pollution

• Decrease in soil fertility

• Uneven distribution of water and  nutrients

• Runoff and evaporation

Cost-effective solution for flood and furrow irrigation of field crops

As the population is growing, the demand for food across the globe is evidently rising. Drip irrigation is an innovative and cost effective method of farming which provides efficient food supply. In this method, water is distributed with minimal pressure therefore there is no levelling required in rough lands. The water is directly supplied drop wise to the root areas of the plants which means that wetting the upper part of the plant is avoided. Thereby reducing loss of water and nutrients.

The quality and quantity of field crop yield is raised with this method and therefore the production cost is reduced vastly. These are the major driving factors of the market in the agriculture sector.

As known Italy is one of the most agrarian countries in the world and it was amongst the first countries to adopt drip irrigation in 2011. Italy’s adoption of drip irrigation is estimated to save the country 4.3 billion Euros over the next thirty years. For a better future, it is essential for us to develop and implement ways to conserve our water supplies. Drip irrigation might just be the perfect solution

Benefits of the Drip Irrigation Method

  • Provides fertilizer savings
  • Increase in Yield and quality of irrigation
  • Cost Efficient  – no water loss
  • Does not Create soil erosion
  • Prevents growth of weeds
  • Unbalanced irrigation by slopes does not occur
  • Easy to store, install and re-install

Product Specification

Gentex Drip Irrigation Pipe is made from PE material. The Drippers are placed in intervals along the tube during production. The interval of the drippers depends on the distance between each plant. The drippers have a maze structure this feature allows for a low flow rate. Thus conserving water. Along with the drip line pipe Gentex also supplies various irrigation fittings.

We also Provide Several Fittings used in the Agricultural Farms such as hose elbow, hose stop valve, hose tee and hose coupling etc.